The third strand of Networking and Institutional Building holds a significant place in the Centre's national and state strategy for expansion and institutionalization of the programme. The implementation of the school leadership programme has been visualized through a network of institutions, professionals and individual experts at the national and state level, to ensure their support in the transformative agenda of the Centre.The Centre works in close collaboration with the States, creating synergistic relations through consultations and partnerships on several activities concerning school leadership development.In this line, the Centre has worked towards collaboration with various national level organizations and anchor institutes across the states, alongwith periodic review of progress of programme implementation across states.

NCSL has created a network across the states through State Resource Groups. A directory of state resource groups across states has been prepared covering the details of each SRG member. Click the button below for the directory.

Directory of State Resource Group

National Review and Planning Workshops are held every year to review and plan strategies for programme implementation on school leadership development. It is a platform at the national level for states to engage in mutual sharing, drawing learnings, review of progress and planning for the year ahead.