The National Programme Design was developed along with the Curriculum Framework on School Leadership Development. It details the vision, mission, approach and the operational framework for the programme. The programme on the whole, also includes developing need-based programmes for current and prospective school heads; learning materials for diverse school contexts and creating a repository of materials and resources.

The Curriculum Framework based on seven key areas clearly defines objectives and content areas that are necessary for bringing about school transformation and professional growth of school leaders.

Handbook on School Leadership Development guides resource persons to address diverse leadership needs of School Heads in different locales and contexts: small to large schools, tribal schools, schools in conflict zones, schools serving marginalized groups, tackling issues across rural/urban divide, single/multiteacher school settings and so on.The Handbook addresses the leadership requirements of Heads of diverse category of schools encompassing all stages of school education.

Contextualisation and Translation of Curriculum Framework and Handbook on School Leadership Development. There have been series of workshops for translation and adaptation of these documents in various states, to bring them closer to state contexts.

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